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I N S I D E  T H E  M I N D 

B E H I N D 

A  D I F F E R E N T  C O N C E P T 

After a couple days of searching the internet for "about us" templates and examples, even looking at other websites for ideas I realized two things. One, I could not relate to any of those amazing stories that sometimes tell you nothing "about us" and even at times a little confused. Two, that wouldn't be authentic or genuine from me to you.


Imagine liking a brand because they were honest with you and shared the thought process or inspiration behind a product released. Imagine watching a brand grow from its inception. Imagine trusting a brand, however trust has to be earned through transparency and honesty so with that said I'll be honest with you and tell you this...


I am not a designer

this is not a clothing brand 

this is an idea, a thought, my thoughts, a concept




I'd love to hear from you, email me your thoughts or suggestions. I promise your email won't get lost in the inboxed bottomless pit, never to be read or seen again. At A Different Concept we intend to provide exceptional service we'd expect to receive ourselves. I Just said we but it's really only me and I also copy and pasted this from the internet but I promise you

I meant it.

Thanks for submitting!